We raise cockatiels for both exhibition and pets and also a few Green Cheek Conures.
. We are located South of Louisville, Kentucky

I am a member of the National Cockatiel Society (NCS).  My band number is 81C.
In 2008 I started showing in the Novice Division for the first time and am hooked on bird shows!
They are great fun and you meet a lot of people that are as "crazy" as you are.

Our birds are fed a diet of Zupreem  pellets, seed, vegetables, rice and other "goodies".
Babies are handfed and abundance weaned. They are weaned onto the above diet.
We do not sell unweaned babies.

We strive to breed the best birds possible, not only in looks but disposition too.

Please take a moment to visit the photo gallery to see our birds.

Chris & Al Orowitz

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